Clinical Drug Trials

Clinical Drug Trials


Fimea must be notified of interventional clinical trials on medicinal products, regardless of whether the investigational medicinal product has marketing authorisation or not.

Fimea need not be notified of investigations other than interventional trials. These non-interventional trials must meet the following criteria: Medicinal product(s) is (are) prescribed in the usual manner in accordance with the terms of the marketing authorisation.

The assignment of the patient to a particular therapeutic strategy is not decided in advance by a trial protocol but falls within current practice and the prescription of the medicine is clearly separated from the decision to include the patient in the study. No additional diagnostic or monitoring procedures shall be applied to the patients and epidemiological methods shall be used for the analysis of collected data

In the case of any uncertainty, Fimea will decide whether a notification for a clinical trial on medicinal products should be submitted.

Notification of a clinical trial shall be made using the Clinical Trial Application Form available on the EMA EudraCT database website ( Instructions on completing and sending the form are available on the Fimea and EMA websites.



The amount of payment for a clinical trial notification is 3000 €. In the case of trials involving medicinal products for gene therapy, somatic or xenogenic cell therapy or medicinal products containing genetically modified organisms the amount of payment for an application is 3300 € according to the Ministry of Social Affairs and Health.

Fimea invoices its customers on the basis of new clinical trial applications. For invoicing purposes, the customer's invoicing data must be registered in Fimea's customer register. New customers should provide their invoicing data in a customer register update form. When submitting a clinical trial application, please indicate where the invoice should be sent after the evaluation process has begun. More information is available on Fimea's website under Fees or from

A waiver of processing fee may be requested in respect of a notification relating to a clinical trial on a medicinal product conducted by an individual investigator, a trial team, a university institute, a university hospital clinic or the National Institute for Health and Welfare without outside financing or with financing by a non-profit corporation. In these cases, the notification concerning a trial must be accompanied by an informal statement to the effect that the investigation will not receive any outside financing. Medicinal products received free of charge for the purpose of the investigation are not deemed outside financing.

Report on the clinical trial results

The sponsor or the person responsible for the trial must provide Fimea with a report on the results of the trial not later than one year after it ends. If the trial subjects have included persons under the age of 18 and if the sponsor is the marketing authorisation holder for the investigational medicinal product, the report must be submitted within six months. The report should be submitted in the form of a summary, a synopsis, published article or in some other similar way in writing. An extensive trial report containing complete research data only needs to be supplied at the request of Fimea.

The report on the results must also be submitted to the EU Clinical Trials Register. The sponsor should register as a results user in the EudraCT: Please see European Commission guideline on posting and publication of results-related information on clinical trials:


VHP (Voluntary Harmonisation Procedure)

The VHP is a Voluntary Harmonisation Procedure by EU Member States, supported by the Heads of Medicines Agencies (HMA), in multinational clinical trial applications. The purpose of the VHP is to harmonise the processing of a clinical trial, with the preliminary VHP application being processed in selected Member States before the submission of a national clinical trial application. Fimea has participated actively in the joint European clinical trial harmonisation process since 2015. Finland can choose to act either as a Reference Member State, in other words a reporting member state, or as a Concerned Member State.

After VHP processing, a statutory national application procedure is required, which means that, following a joint assessment, a clinical trial application must be submitted to Fimea – just as in ordinary national applications. The covering letter of a national application must indicate VHP participation (VHP number) and the applicant's solemn declaration stating that the application has not been modified since the VHP. The processing time for national application submissions after the VHP is 10 days.

Guidance document for sponsors for a Voluntary Harmonisation Procedure (VHP) for the assessment of multinational Clinical Trial Applications

VHP procedures in preparation and in case of a no-deal Brexit

Changes in clinical trials due to Brexit




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Regulation 2/2012 Clinical trials on medicinal products (pdf) Unofficial translation

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