How to apply for a pharmacy licence

How to apply for a pharmacy licence

When a pharmacy licence becomes available, Fimea invites applications for the licence by placing a public notice in the Official Gazette (Virallinen lehti). Applications for a pharmacy licence must be submitted within 30 days of the date of publication of the notice, excluding the publication date.

Provisions regarding applications for pharmacy licences are laid down in section 11 of the Medicines Decree. Applicants for a pharmacy licence must enclose with their application the information required to meet the licence-granting preconditions referred to in the Medicines Act, excluding such information on the nationality or competence of the applicant that the competent authority can obtain under the Population Information Act. The following documents must be submitted with the licence application (see the application form):

1) A certified curriculum vitae or other documents to which the applicant wishes to refer
2) Evidence of the person not being bankrupt (a certificate of non-bankruptcy, omavaraisuustodistus in finnish).

  • issued within a maximum of 3 months before the date of application
  • must be valid on the final day of the pharmacy licence application period (whereby validity on another date such as the date of postage is not enough)
  • a copy accepted but its authenticity must be certified
  • a certificate of non-bankruptcy can be obtained from The Legal Register Centre´s Register on Bankruptcies and Reorganisations

If there has been a subsidiary pharmacy operating under the pharmacy for which the licence is being requested, it must be specifically mentioned in the pharmacy licence application if the application also concerns the subsidiary pharmacy licence. Once completed electronically, the form must be printed out, signed and sent to Fimea with the required enclosures. By signing the document the applicant attests the accuracy of the information provided in the application and the enclosures.

Pharmacy licence application forms are in finnish and swedish:
Electronic application
Application form

More information:

Anne Hirvonen, Senior Pharmaceutical Officer, +358 (0) 29 522 3215
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Noora Oinonen, Senior Pharmaceutical Officer, phone +358 (0)29 522 3236

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