Pharmacy licences

Pharmacy licences

Under section 40 of the Medicines Act, the operation of a pharmacy business requires a licence (pharmacy licence) issued by Fimea.

The conditions under which a pharmacy licence may be granted according to the section 43 of the Medicines Act are as follows:

A pharmacy licence may be granted to citizen of a European Economic Area state who is a certified Master of Pharmacy and who has not been declared bankrupt or legally incompetent or who has not been assigned a person to supervise his or her interests. If there is more than one applicant, a pharmacy licence is granted to the applicant who can be considered to have the overall best potential for operating a pharmacy business. In assessing the potential, the applicant's work in pharmacies and other pharmaceutical services and studies, managerial skills and other activities pertinent to operating a pharmacy business must be taken into account.

Applications for a pharmacy licence becoming vacant following the retirement of a pharmacy owner can be invited before the pharmacy owner's retirement age.

This system will accelerate the process, and the responsibility for pharmacy operations and operational improvements will be more smoothly transferred to the new pharmacy owner.

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