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Collaboration on medicines education

Collaboration on medicines education

The Finnish Medicines Agency Fimea and the UKK Institute collaborate on medicines education of children and young people. In January 2022, the medicines education material drawn up by Fimea was published on the Terve koululainen (‘Safety in School Sports’) website maintained by the UKK Institute.

The aim of the collaboration is to better reach the target group of the material, in other words, teachers and pupils in comprehensive school, and to convey reliable and unbiased information on the pharmaceutical sector to citizens. The medicines education material supplements the teaching material related to health, physical activity and nutrition on the Terve koululainen website.

The medicines education material provides an extensive information package on the correct use of medicines and on reliable sources of drug information. The material contains assignments and lesson plans suitable for different grades for teachers. Most of the assignments can be implemented electronically. Pupils themselves can do the assignments using any device with an internet connection, such as a computer, tablet, phone or interactive whiteboard.

Familiarise yourself with Fimea’s medicines education material on the Terve koululainen website.