Research Network for Rational Pharmacotherapy (RATTI)

The Research Network for Rational Pharmacotherapy aims at:

  • Disseminating information and increasing multidisciplinary cooperation in rational pharmacotherapy research projects
  • Integrating research and development as part of the operations of social welfare and health care regions
  • More effective utilisation of new data repositories and existing data resources
  • Promoting research funding and research method competence

Fimea coordinates the research network that operates, for example, in the following ways:

  • Research seminars and regional networking events
  • Joint discussion and communications channel in LinkedIN
  • A newsletter published 3–4 times a year (subscribe for the newsletter, in Finnish)

The operation of the network is based on the Research Strategy for Rational Pharmacotherapy. Prepared as part of the Rational Pharmacotherapy Action Plan of Prime Minister Sipilä’s Government Programme, the research strategy was published together with the other reports prepared under the action plan.

The operations of the network focus on improving the preconditions for research in the field of rational pharmacotherapy.

Downloadable logos

The Research Network for Rational Pharmacotherapy logo (jpg-zip)

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Research for Evidence-Informed Decision-making. Research Strategy for Rational Pharmacotherapy 2018–2022

More information

Katri Hämeen-Anttila, Head of Research and Development, tel. +358 29 522 3513

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