National Risk Medicines Classification

National Risk Medicines Classification

The national risk medicines classification lists high-risk medicines for which special attention should be given. The classification is intended for use by health care professionals and helps to identify key high-risk medicines in different social welfare and health care environments. The classification supports clinical decision-making on pharmacotherapies and the planning and implementation of pharmacotherapies at different stages of the pharmacotherapy process.

The preparation of the risk classification is guided by a project group of 13 people, which consists of experts in medicine, nursing science and pharmacology who are familiar with risk medicines. The data content of the classification is prepared using the Delphi research method. In this scope of this project, three rounds of Delphi surveys will be conducted in autumn 2022. 61 experts in risk medicines representing different professional groups have been selected as respondents. The surveys will seek consensus on medicines and drug groups included in the national risk classification as well as on the key risks of medicines and their means of management. The project will be implemented in cooperation with the Finnish Centre for Client and Patient Safety.

The national risk medicines classification will be published on Fimea's website at the beginning of 2023 and will later be integrated into FimeaWeb, just like the Meds 75 + database. During the project, a plan will also be drawn up for integrating information into decision-making support systems and/or patient and client information systems.

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Further information

Further information

Elsi Similä, Project Manager, Fimea,, tel. +358 29 522 3607

Composition of the project working group:

Johanna Jyrkkä, Research and Development Specialist, Fimea

Marianne Kuusisto, Medication Safety Officer, Finnish Centre for Client and Patient Safety

Anne Halmetoja, Specialist Pharmacist, Eteva Joint Municipal Authority and University of Helsinki

Ari Ahola-Olli, Doctor of Medicine, Medical adviser, Abomics OyCarita Linden-Lahti, Medication Safety Officer, HUS

Esa Jämsen, Professor of Geriatrics, University of Helsinki

Lotta Schepel, Medication Safety Officer, HUS

Maarit Bärlund, Chief Physician, Oncology Outpatient Clinic TAYS

Marja Härkänen, Associate Professor (Medication Safety and Nursing Science), UEF

Outi Laatikainen, Postdoctoral Researcher, University of Oulu and Oulu University Hospital

Risto Huupponen, Clinical Pharmacologist, Professor (emeritus), University of Turku

Terhi Toivo, Medication Safety Officer, Pirkanmaa Hospital District, TAYS