Basic register (XML)

Basic register (XML)

The basic register for medicinal products is a register maintained by Fimea on medicinal products with marketing authorisations, on registrations and on products with time-limited special permits. The register is updated automatically with a process that is run each night.

The register is primarily intended for the use of health care organisations responsible for the acquisition, distribution and sales of medicinal products.

In addition to the identification, classification and packaging details and information about the medicinal substance, the basic register for medicinal products includes the required codes for translations. The register does not include price information for pharmacies or conditions for reimbursement from the Finnish Social Insurance Institution Kela.

The basic register is in XML format and has an accompanying XSD schema file with field labels.

Detailed description of the information content in the basic register (PDF)
Note! Information on availability shortages will not be included in the XML file for now.

Register users must have sufficient IT skills to further process the files.

Information is transferred from the Finnish Medicines Agency Fimea’s internal database on medicinal products to the XML file once a day. Fimea makes every effort to ensure that the information is accurate and up to date, but individual errors may occur. Fimea shall not be held responsible for any online data that is not comprehensive, complete, precise or up to date. If you suspect that the data contains an error, please inform us.

Feedback concerning the XML Basic register can be sent by e-mail to markus.makela(a)