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null The content of the national risk medicines classification is open for public comments from 23 January to 5 February 2023

The content of the national risk medicines classification is open for public comments from 23 January to 5 February 2023


The national risk medicines classification lists high-risk medicines whose use requires special attention. The data content of the classification was formed in 2022 in a project coordinated by Fimea and implemented with various stakeholders using the Delphi research method.

Before the classification is published, Fimea provides the users of the classification, i.e. healthcare professionals, an opportunity to comment the generated data content at the online service. The aim is to ensure that, in generating the data content, sufficient attention has been paid to
•   all available data sources
•   various situations related to the implementation of medical treatment
•   clear and comprehensible language
•   general usability in Finnish social and health care.

Two weeks have been reserved for commenting between 23 January and 5 February 2023. Before commenting, users should familiarise themselves with the classification description, which explains the background and purpose of the classification. Users comment on the content with their own names. Commenting requires logging in to the service. Comments are public and reviewed prior to publication to ensure that they do not contain any identifying data. The name of the commenter is not publicly visible. Users make comments separately for each drug or medicine group at a time and are requested to comment on the risk descriptions of the drugs and medicine groups in the classification. If the comments refer to a data source, the relevant reference information must be mentioned. Comments should not include information about individual patients or any other references to individual persons.

Fimea’s project working group will make use of the comments as necessary to finalise the data content of the classification. The responses can also be used for other research purposes. If necessary, an overall summary of the comments will be provided alongside the final classification. The classification will be published on Fimea’s website during spring 2023 at the Fimea website and the publication will be announced separately.

Link to submitting public comments on the national risk medicines classification: Submit your public comments on the data content of the national risk medicines classification

(Nb! The link will open on 23 January 2023)

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