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null Fimea’s patient advisory board commenced its operations by discussing matters of current interest

Fimea’s patient advisory board commenced its operations by discussing matters of current interest


The objective of the advisory board’s operations is to have Fimea’s experts and the representatives of 15 patient and disability organisations to sit around the same table to exchange experiences on matters of current interest from the point of view of patients and the authorities. Because of the coronavirus precautions, the first meeting in the advisory board’s history was held online over a remote connection.

Fimea encourages the sharing of reliable information

In the meeting, Fimea’s Director-General Eija Pelkonen gave a brief presentation of Fimea’s operations in general. The matters of current interest also included Fimea’s role in safeguarding pharmaceutical service during the coronavirus pandemic. Fimea engages in enhanced cooperation between the authorities in the administrative branch of the Ministry of Social Affairs and Health within the powers vested in it and under the coordination of the Prime Minister’s Office.

Communications play an important role in the dissemination of correct information, and the Director-General encourages all actors to disseminate correct information about the coronavirus disease by making use of the information collected on Fimea's Frequently Asked Questions page, for example, and Fimea’s online news.

Finland has a unique legislation on mandatory reserve supplies of medicines

In Finland, pharmaceutical manufacturers and importers are obliged to store certain groups of medicines and medicinal substances in addition their regular saleable stocks. The required amount of the mandatory reserve supplies is determined based on the previous year’s average sales. Healthcare providers are also obliged to maintain reserve supplies of certain medicinal products.

Senior Pharmaceutical Inspector Johanna Linnolahti discussed shortages in the supply of medicines and also answered questions about the effects of the coronavirus pandemic on the availability of medicines in Finland. The coronavirus pandemic has so far caused problems in the supply and distribution chain of medicines mainly due to an increase in the national demand for medicines. This has been quickly responded to, and the Ministry of Social Affairs and Health has passed a decision on the measures aimed at safeguarding the sufficiency of medicinal products and the functioning of the pharmaceutical distribution chain in Finland in the exceptional circumstances caused by the coronavirus.

Welcome to follow the activities of the patient advisory board

The patient advisory board convenes two times a year. Next time, we intend to continue with getting acquainted with one another around the same table in October. The meeting programmes and materials will be updated to the Fimea website to make them available to all. Additionally, Fimea will publish a newsletter for the advisory board that can be subscribed to on the website.

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For further information, please contact:

Commencement of the operations of the patient advisory board:
Eija Pelkonen, Director-General, tel. +358 29 522 3100

Shortages in the supply of medicines:
Johanna Linnolahti, Head of Division, Senior Pharmaceutical Inspector, tel. +358 29 522 3231

Patient advisory board:
Päivi Kiviranta, Development Coordinator, tel. +358 29 522 3522

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