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null Fimea has updated the instructions for notification of shortage

Fimea has updated the instructions for notification of shortage


Fimea has updated the instructions and the appendix for notification of shortage. The appendix now includes a field for the purchase order number. The change has been made in both the Excel form and the PDF form. At the same time, Fimea has updated the FAQ regarding questions of shortage notifications and invoicing.

Please take the following into account when sending notifications of shortage and appendices

Notifications arriving at Fimea before 4 p.m. on a business day will be registered for the same day. Notifications arriving after 4 p.m. will be registered for the next business day. The notification is invoiced on the basis of the date when the notification is registered as received by Fimea.

Please revise the information you have filled in before sending the notification. As the notifications are processed by machine, any incorrect information on the form prevents the notification from being updated on Fimea’s website.

Fimea has recently detected a particularly large number of notifications and appendices with inaccurate or incomplete information. In particular, errors have been detected in the notification dates and Nordic Article Numbers. For both new and update notifications, the notification date must correspond to the date when the notification is submitted to Fimea. The date or Nordic Article Number fields must not contain any extra text or spaces before the requested information. Fimea also asks those submitting notifications to ensure that all requested invoicing information is provided in one go.

Take a look at the updated instructions and Frequently Asked Questions:

Instructions for giving a shortage notification

Frequently Asked Questions: Shortage notification

Notification of shortage and appendix (excel)

Appendix for Notification of Shortage (pdf)

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