About us

Our goals

Our goals

We ensure the safety and availability of human and veterinary medicines and the sensibility of pharmacotherapies

  • actively promoting the availability of medicines and development of pharmaceutical services
  • ensuring pharmacovigilance and by targeting our monitoring activities at key areas
  • promoting the sensible use of medicines as part of the comprehensive care of a patient
  • assessing the therapeutic and economic value of medicines
  • generating and transferring information on pharmaceuticals
  • engaging in assessment, research and development cooperation within the pharmaceutical sector
  • cooperating actively with our stakeholders

We promote the interests of Finnish healthcare in the European pharmaceutical networks

  • increasing the importance of our expertise in EU bodies and European pharmaceutical networks
  • actively seeking participation in international marketing authorisation and monitoring tasks, which also helps us to expand our own expertise
  • giving priority to medicines that are significant from a biological and public health perspective, personalised pharmacotherapy and generic medicines
  • actively participating as a partner in the Health Technology Assessment (HTA) Network

We support innovations and provide advice to the pharmaceutical sector throughout the lifespan of a medicine as part of the implementation of the Finnish health sector growth strategy

  • offering guidance to promising innovative drugs by giving drug advice and scientific advice as part of the EU Innovation Network
  • promoting operations related to clinical trials
  • developing scientific advice for the assessment of medicinal products and pharmacotherapy
  • developing the use of post-authorisation efficacy and safety information
  • actively participating in the debate on rational medication and pharmacotherapy

Our activities are based on a high level of quality

  • ensuring that our staff is happy and has top-notch expertise and motivation
  • strengthening our expertise in specific priority areas and by actively using the expertise so that we can enhance our influence
  • ensuring that our human resources and financial position are in good shape and that we focus our resources correctly
  • having effective digital processes and by producing and sharing data repositories
  • seeking new solutions so that we can continuously develop our operations
  • keeping our customer service pledge
  • actively communicating on our activities so that we can make Fimea and its work better known