About us




Fimea supervises and develops the pharmaceutical sector and promotes the sensible use of pharmaceuticals in order to enhance the health of the population.


The effectiveness, safety, availability and sensible use of medicines is world-class in Finland.


We play an active role in the pharmaceutical sector both nationally and internationally. We perform our tasks responsibly and effectively to promote the health of the population, drawing on our high level of expertise, experience and extensive networking.

Innovation and development
We develop our professional expertise to meet future challenges. We use our knowledge and skills we have gained to develop the pharmaceutical field in cooperation with the relevant stakeholder groups. We look for interesting new perspectives and introduce innovative working methods.

Reliability is based on transparency, high ethical standards, expertise and consistency. The information we produce is unbiased and evidence-based; the decisions we make are predictable and soundly based. We keep our promises.

Respect for collaboration and people
We work together to meet our common goals respecting and supporting for each other. An encouraging and fair atmosphere builds a sense of community, promoting well-being and efficiency in the workplace.