Open positions

Open positions

Open positions at Fimea are announced on this website as well as on the and websites.

Fimea as an Employer and a Workplace

The Finnish Medicines Agency Fimea is a central agency operating under the Ministry of Social Affairs and Health. Fimea's task is to regulate and develop the pharmaceutical sector to promote the health of Finland’s population. Our values are effectiveness, innovation and development, reliability, cooperation and respect for people.

Highly Educated Personnel

Our personnel consists of committed experts who work in the following fields:

  • Evaluation and regulation of the efficiency, safety and quality of medicinal products
  • Regulation of pharmaceutical research, manufacture and distribution
  • Evaluation of pharmacotherapies and the provision of information associated with them
  • Administration and support services.

Three out of four Fimea employees have a university degree, and of these, one in three has a scientific postgraduate degree. The most common fields of study are Pharmacy, Medicine, Veterinary Medicine, Financial and Administrative Sciences and Law.

We Work Independent of Location

Work at Fimea is flexible, as we provide our staff with modern tools and a virtual working environment.

International operations, cooperation within the EU in particular, are a key part of our operations. We are actively involved in the European Medicines Regulatory Network, for example.

Fimea's modern facilities are located at Ruskeasuo, Helsinki and Technopolis, Kuopio. Some of our experts also work in Turku and Oulu. We offer good opportunities for education as well as employee benefits, such as possibilities for exercise, comprehensive health care and a lunchroom.

Open Applications

Permanent public positions and temporary public-service employment relationships are published openly. In this case, only applications submitted for that particular position will be considered.

To submit an open application to Fimea, please visit the website. An open application will be considered only when selecting candidates for temporary positions where the duration of the employment is less than a year.

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