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null Updates to the ‘For public’ section

Updates to the ‘For public’ section


The ‘For public’ section of Fimea’s website has been thoroughly revised and also published in Swedish and English.

More understandable and clearer content

The purpose of the upgrade was to facilitate the citizens' search for information by creating a completely new, more service-oriented content structure. The topics were re-grouped more logically, the headings were revised, and repetition was removed. All texts were made clearer and easier to understand and read. New visualisation was also added where appropriate.

New content was produced on the availability of medicines, among other things. Additionally, part of the material related to safe and correct medicinal treatment was transferred to the section from the Finnish National Medicines Day website that was closed at the end of June. Content production and editing was carried out by Fimea's in-house subject area experts.

Patient organisations involved with their development ideas

Additional boost for revising the ‘For public’ section was given by the first meeting of Fimea’s patient advisory board held last spring. In support of the development efforts, patient organisations and patients were invited to give their opinions on important content items and development targets on the old website.

We would like to extend our thanks to all those who contributed to the process with their feedback and comments.


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