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null TroppiOppi medicines education game is no longer playable

TroppiOppi medicines education game is no longer playable


The TroppiOppi medicines education game on Fimea’s website has been discontinued now that its server platform has reached the end of its lifecycle. The game was created in cooperation with Metropolia University of Applied Sciences game industry students in 2016. The game was aimed to teach schoolchildren the correct use of medicines and non-medication treatment with interactive patient examples and treatment options. The game has been used by several educational institutions, teachers and students until now.

There are extensive medicines education materials available on the

The TroppiOppi game has been part of the medicines education material maintained by Fimea, offering versatile learning materials for teachers and pupils in comprehensive school. The medicines education material, not including the game, were transferred to the Terve koululainen (Healthy Pupil) website maintained by the UKK Institute in January 2022. The rest of the medicines education materials are still available free of charge at

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