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null Teemu Laakso appointed Head of Development at Fimea

Teemu Laakso appointed Head of Development at Fimea


Master of Science in Technology Teemu Laakso has been appointed Head of Fimea's new Information and Development Services Unit. Laakso will start in his position as Head of Development on 11 April. He is moving to the position from the Municipality of Tuusula where he works as a development manager.

As a result of the organisational restructuring, Fimea's current functions on the development and research of pharmaceutical services and on the information service and digital development are now under the development unit established on 1 March. In addition, the unit is responsible for developing Fimea's internal information production and coordinating the development work related to the health and social services reform at Fimea. The first task of the Head of Development is to organise and launch the operations of the new unit.