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null Red yeast rice preparations studied through cooperation between authorities

Red yeast rice preparations studied through cooperation between authorities


Fimea has participated in a cooperative project that set out to study red yeast rice preparations sold in Finland as dietary supplements.

Red yeast rice contains monacolin K, whose structure and pharmacological effects are identical to lovastatin, which is used as a cholesterol medication.

Fimea's Laboratory tested the monacolin K content of red yeast rice preparations. The analysis revealed that the preparations contained 0.3–11 mg/tablet/capsule of monacolin K compound and varying amounts of other monacolin compounds. Fimea analysed ten samples. The recommended daily dose of three samples contained 10 mg or even more of monacolin K.

Fimea will update the classification of the products based on the results.

The study was conducted in cooperation with the Finnish Food Safety Authority (Evira) and the Customs Laboratory. Evira was in charge of acquiring the samples and checking their package markings and claimed health benefits. The Customs Laboratory analysed the citrinin (mycotoxin) content of the samples. The authorities will continue cooperating on similar control studies.

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Fimea specifies the classification of red yeast rice preparations (1 December 2015)

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