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null Meds75+ database shortlisted as the medication safety influencer of the year

Meds75+ database shortlisted as the medication safety influencer of the year


The Meds75+ database maintained by Fimea is one of the four finalists in the ‘medication safety influencer of 2019’ campaign by the Finnish healthcare news magazine Mediuutiset.  The winner will be announced on 12 September 2019 in the award ceremony arranged by Mediuutiset.

“It is really nice that our long-term work with the database is recognised with shortlisting in the finals,” says Johanna Jyrkkä, research scientist responsible for the development and maintenance of the database. 

The Meds75+ database has been developed and maintained at Fimea since 2010. The database is available for all free of charge on Fimea’s website. Healthcare professionals can also find the database in the “Vanhus ja lääke” (The elderly and medicines) section of the Terveysportti health portal maintained by the Finnish Medical Society Duodecim. During the summer, the data content was opened as open data to cater for the needs of software developers and research.

The content of the Meds75+ database is prepared by a team of experts in geriatric pharmacotherapy consisting of specialists in geriatrics working in healthcare services and universities, specialists in pharmacy and clinical pharmacology, and doctors who treat elderly patients. “Experts from different medical specialties are also invited to discuss the policy decisions where applicable,” says Jyrkkä. “This is to ensure that the recommendations given in the Meds75+ database are based on the best available knowledge and are in line with the current treatment practices. The shortlisting for the award speaks of the importance of our work and encourages us to continue our effort to promote the rational pharmacotherapy of the elderly,” Jyrkkä concludes.

The Meds75+ database supports the clinical decision-making on the pharmacotherapy of patients over 75 years of age and improves medication safety in primary health care. The database contains a classification and a recommendation for use of almost 500 medicinal substances or combinations thereof in elderly patients. The database is primarily intended for physicians and other health care professionals.

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