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null Meds75+ database now available in English

Meds75+ database now available in English


Meds75+ database is now available in English. The translated version of the database works like the Finnish website, which means that users can search for items using the medicinal product, medicinal substance, ATC code, marketing authorisation holder or suitability category as the search criterion.

The purpose of the Meds75+ database is to support clinical decision-making – within primary health care – on the pharmacotherapy of patients over 75 years of age. From the database, it is quick and easy to check if a medicine is suitable for the elderly. The Meds75+ database is primarily intended for physicians and other health care professionals.

As in other health care databases, the medicinal substances are classified into categories A, B, C and D. Each category indicates how suitable the medicinal substance is for persons over 75 years of age. The database contains a classification and a recommendation for use of almost 500 medicinal substances or combinations thereof in elderly patients.

The database was prepared by a team of experts in geriatric pharmacotherapy consisting of specialists in geriatrics, pharmacists and clinical pharmacology specialists. The database will be updated regularly.

The Meds75+ database is maintained by the Finnish Medicines Agency Fimea. The database is available free of charge on Fimea’s website.

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