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null Information to support the activities of the wellbeing services counties

Information to support the activities of the wellbeing services counties


The wellbeing services counties will start operating at the beginning of 2023, and their responsibilities include organising pharmaceutical services.   

On its website, Fimea has compiled services supporting the organisation of pharmaceutical services in the wellbeing services counties and information sources on the availability of medicines, the safe and economic use of medicines, the guidance, planning and development of pharmaceutical services, and the supervision and enforcement of pharmaceutical sector operators by the authorities. 

The website will be updated with relevant questions and answers 

The purpose of the website is to serve as a key source of information and a proactive channel for communication. Questions received from the wellbeing services counties and answers to them will be collected on the website.  

"We will work closely with operators in the future wellbeing services counties so that they can guarantee the smooth provision of pharmaceutical services for their residents," says Piia Vuorela, Director of Fimea. 

How has Fimea prepared for the implementation of the health and social services reform?  

As part of the assignment to investigate the reform of pharmaceutical matters, Fimea is preparing a proposal to connect the steering and organisation of pharmaceutical services to the steering of general health and social services.   

To begin the development work of the Fimea, an extensive report package and a roadmap for decision-making and funding have been produced. The Finnish Medicines Agency enables the prescription and use of medicines, which supports the implementation of rational pharmaceutical treatment and more goal-oriented development, management, supervision and guidance of activities related to pharmacotherapy. 

The need to update the Medicines Act is known 

Fimea has highlighted the urgent legislative needs related to pharmaceutical services concerning hospital pharmacies and pharmaceutical centres. From the perspective of continuity of operations, hospital pharmacies, pharmaceutical centres and wholesalers are informed that the activities will continue before the completion of the pharmaceutical legislation supporting the activities of the wellbeing services counties. 

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Piia Vuorela, Director, Safety and effectiveness,