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null Fimea told of first deaths among recipients of COVID-19 vaccine

Fimea told of first deaths among recipients of COVID-19 vaccine


Fimea has been informed of the first deaths among recent recipients of persons who have been given the coronavirus vaccine. As of 25.1. three deaths have been reported and in each case the patient is believed to have succumbed to an illness they had before the vaccine was administered. According to current information the vaccine is not suspected to have caused the deaths and no changes are planned in recommendations concerning the vaccinations.

As there are few cases and as confidential health information is included in reports on side effects, officials may disclose only limited additional information to protect the privacy of the persons involved. Fimea issues a summary of side-effects on its website at 1-2 day intervals and a more thorough report with background information on Wednesdays.

Vaccinations for those with a fragile state of health should be considered individually

In Finland, the Finnish Institute for Health and Welfare (THL) recommends against vaccinating persons in the hospice care phase. In other respects, decisions on vaccinating persons who are in weak condition and vulnerable are also made on a case-by-case basis in cooperation with the attending physician, those potentially receiving the vaccination, and their next of kin.

In Finland, most elderly residents of care homes have been given their first doses of the vaccine. Elderly residents of care homes are at a high risk of succumbing to their underlying illnesses even in the short term. Under normal conditions about 400 care home residents in Finland die each week. As being vaccinated against the coronavirus does not prevent illness or death from other diseases, such deaths will occur after vaccinations.

Vaccine safety monitored and evaluated constantly

Monitoring vaccine safety is a continuing worldwide activity. Safety information is compiled from reports on side effects, research, and published literature, for example. The accumulated information is used in the search for signals of possible safety problems. Side effects reported in Finland are also a part of international safety monitoring. If safety problems are confirmed after scientific evaluation, the necessary measures will be taken.

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Submitting a report on an adverse reaction

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