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null Fimea’s final accounts and annual report for 2017 have been published

Fimea’s final accounts and annual report for 2017 have been published


Fimea’s final accounts and annual report for 2017 have been published. Fimea met its performance targets with ease.

Changes to the organisation and job descriptions were commenced in the Assessment of Medicinal Products process. The purpose of the reform is to enable more effective managerial work and resource management. At the same time, preparations were also made in view of future challenges, such as those brought about by Brexit. In line with Fimea's strategy, challenging reporting and scientific advice duties received through the centralised procedure were actively sought for more than before.

An organisation reform was also carried out in the Supervision and Licences process at the end of the year under review, the purpose of which was to improve the supervisory support received by experts, to make effective use of expertise throughout Fimea and to make strategic preparations for the challenges posed to supervision in a rapidly changing operating environment. In addition of fulfilling the statutory duties and meeting the supervisory targets set for the year under review, matters related to the availability of medicines and the safety of the distribution of medicines were emphasised in the operations.

In the Assessment of Pharmacotherapies process, the operating model of two workload-sharing teams was successfully established, making the use of resources more effective and reducing the operational risks related to limited personnel resources. The Assessment of Pharmacotherapies process continued to focus on the assessment of new hospital-only medicines and the preparation of the recommendation process and recommendations in collaboration with the Council for Choices in Health Care in Finland (COHERE Finland).

In 2017, Fimea paid special attention to the development of competencies and wellbeing at work. Fimea has premises in Kuopio, Helsinki and Turku, Finland.

Final accounts and annual report 2017 (in finnish, pdf)

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