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null Eija Pelkonen continues as Director-General of Fimea

Eija Pelkonen continues as Director-General of Fimea


On 13 September 2023, the Government appointed licensed pharmacist, EMBA Eija Pelkonen as Director-General of the Finnish Medicines Agency Fimea.

Pelkonen continues as Director-General and she has served as Director-General of Fimea since 1.10.2018. A new period of Director-General will begin 1.10.2023 and continue until 30.9.2028.

“Fimea's operational environment has been and will continue to undergo a strong change in the coming years. In recent years, we have done a lot of work in developing our operations at Fimea, so that our expertise can support social and health care operations as well as pharmaceutical sectors in the challenges of the changing operational environment. We want to be the primary source of medicinal information for the Finns. I am excited to continue this work with our specialists and stakeholders in the role of Director General in the years ahead”, tells Pelkonen.

Fimea supervises medicinal, medical devices, blood and tissue products, biobanks and developes the pharmaceuticals sector.

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The press release of Ministry of Social Affairs and Health