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null Changes to Fimea's invoicing in October

Changes to Fimea's invoicing in October


Fimea has introduced a customer invoicing system for marketing authorisations and variation applications, and for the permit and notification fees of clinical trials. Invoicing will apply to applications received after 1 October 2015.

If a receipt of advance payment is enclosed with an application submitted after 1 October 2015, the customer will not be invoiced. However, in the future customers are asked to submit their applications without paying anything in advance.

Customers will be invoiced for applications submitted without a receipt of payment in accordance with the new system. Invoices will be sent once the application handling process begins. Fimea is entitled to issue an additional invoice or credit note if anything is discovered during the handling process that affects the level of the application fee.

If invoicing is prevented by the customer's failure to reply to the customer data inquiry, the customer will be asked to provide a receipt of payment and invoicing data for future reference.

Customer data reporting form

Any changes in the customer's invoicing data must be immediately reported to


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