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null A study on biosimilars begins

A study on biosimilars begins


Biosimilars are entering the market in increasingly larger numbers and are subject to high expectations for curbing the costs of medicines. However, biological pharmacotherapies, including biosimilars, raise information needs and perspectives that are important to consider in the uptake of biosimilars. For this reason, Fimea initiates a study to investigate the factors that promote and prevent the uptake of biosimilars.

In the study, doctors who treat patients with rheumatic diseases, inflammatory bowel diseases, psoriasis and diabetes in university and central hospitals in different parts of Finland will be interviewed. Additionally, patients who use biological pharmacotherapies will also be interviewed.

The study is financed by the Finnish Social Insurance Institution Kela and supported by the Ministry of Social Affairs and Health. The basic results of the study will be published during 2019. The study will provide information in support of pharmaco-political decision-making and help in promoting the implementation of rational pharmacotherapy in Finland.

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  • Merja Merikoski, Researcher, tel. +358 29 522 3532
  • Katri Hämeen-Anttila, Head of Research and Development, tel. +358 29 522 3513