null Fimea’s final accounts and annual report for 2022 have been published

Fimea’s final accounts and annual report for 2022 have been published


The Finnish Medicines Agency Fimea’s final accounts and annual report for 2022 have been published. Articles covering the year’s events as well as statistics and graphs have been compiled on a separate website at:

In 2022, Fimea continued to implement its strategy that focuses on development. "The reform of organisational structure, which took place at the beginning of March, has helped us better promote our key strategic objectives: service expertise, a streamlined and enabling operating culture and national and international impact," says Director General Eija Pelkonen.

2022 was a year of many legislative changes and Fimea was particularly active in cooperation related to the updating of EU pharmaceutical legislation. In addition to legislative reforms, Fimea’s representatives have contributed to the development of several EMA functions.

Fimea has actively participated in international collaboration and focused on meeting the national challenges of drug and medication safety. "The preparation of the national medicines data repository continued with the preparation of a solution description and impact assessment, which supplement previous reports. The medicines data repository will make it possible to prescribe and use medicines nationally, regionally and organisation-specifically simplifying the daily life of both professionals and medicine users," Pelkonen explains.

In 2022, Fimea's finances remained stable despite exceptionally large development investments, which will challenge our finances in coming years. Fimea's funding mainly consists of customer fees paid by pharmaceutical sector operators. Marketing authorisations for medicinal products, licence and audit fees for pharmaceutical operators and quality control fees under the separate statute account for approximately 85 % of the agency's total funding. The remaining 15 % is funded by the state budget, and it includes the general steering of pharmacovigilance by the authorities, pharmacopoeia-related work and the assessment of pharmacotherapies.

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