European Pharmacopoeia

European Pharmacopoeia

The European Pharmacopoeia is published by the European Directorate for the Quality of Medicines & HealthCare (EDQM) of the Council of Europe in Strasbourg. The publication contains standardised specifications defining the quality of pharmaceutical preparations, their constituents and containers.

The Finnish Medicines Agency Fimea is the Finnish national authority in pharmacopoeia matters.

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Valid version of the European Pharmacopoeia

The eleventh edition of the European Pharmacopoeia (European Pharmacopoeia 11th Edition) has been implemented on January 1st, 2023.

The National pharmacopoeia documents have been updated according to the eleventh edition.

New texts in 11th edition

General Chapters

  • 2.6.39. Microbiological examination of human tissues
  • 2.7.36. Assay of Bet v 1 allergen
  • 5.26. Implementation of pharmacopoeial procedures


Herbal drugs and herbal drug preparations

  • Shepherd’s purse (2947)
  • Toadflax herb (2962)

Homoeopathic preparations

  • Bryonia for homoeopathic preparations (2490)
  • Ephedra vulgaris for homoeopathic preparations (2710)
  • Mandragora for homoeopathic preparations (2840)
  • Stramonium for homoeopathic preparations (2734)


  • Melatonin (3059)

Special notices

2.2.46 Chromatographic separation techniques

The general chapter “Chromatographic separation techniques (2.2.46)” was revised in the 11th Edition of the European Pharmacopoeia in the framework of international harmonisation. After approval of the text, problems were revealed with one of the approved changes regarding instructions on calculation of signal-to-noise (S/N) ratio. Users are advised to continue using the earlier instructions.
The chapter has already been revised again. The new version, where the old instructions are restored, will be included in Supplement 11.3, which will be implemented on January 1st 2024 and which will be published in July 2023.

Read more on EDQM webpage: Signal-to-noise ratio: revision of Ph. Eur. general chapter Chromatographic separation techniques (2.2.46)

Human coagulation factor IX (1223)

An error has been detected in the English version of the corrected monograph on Human coagulation factor IX (1223). Three lines of the Labelling section were erroneously deleted. The missing three lines of the Labelling section will be formally reintroduced in Ph. Eur. Supplement 11.3 which will be implemented in 1.1.2024 and published in July 2023. Until then the corrected text can be found from Pharmeuropa webpage.

Read more (includes also the corrected text): Erratum - Human coagulation factor IX (1223)