Change of pharmacist situations

Change of pharmacist situations

Provisions on the change of pharmacist situations are laid down in section 46 of the Medicines Act as follows:

“In terminating the practice of pharmacy business in situations referred to in section 44, subsection 1 or section 45 or when relinquishing a pharmacy licence, the licensed pharmacist must nevertheless continue to operate the pharmacy business up to the time a new licensed pharmacist takes possession of the pharmacy.  ”

"A pharmacist who ceases to operate a pharmacy must carry on the pharmacy business until the transfer of the pharmacy business in such a way that the conditions for operating a pharmacy by a new pharmacist who has been granted a pharmacy licence are not unduly impaired by measures which are extensive or unusual vis-à-vis the circumstances and have a material impact on the pharmacy's future operating conditions.”

"Upon request, the pharmacist who ceases to practise a pharmacy business must provide the new pharmacist who has been granted a pharmacy licence with such information on the pharmacy's finances, contracts, personnel and other obligations that the pharmacist who has been granted a pharmacy licence will necessarily need when preparing to operate the pharmacy. When a pharmacy business is transferred to another pharmacist, all documents retained by virtue of the law and official regulations must also be handed over to the new pharmacist free of charge.“