Marketing authorisations

Interchangeable medicinal products

Interchangeable medicinal products

The Finnish Medicines Agency Fimea creates and maintains a list of interchangeable drugs that are biologically equivalent and whose active substance and concentration are the same. This list contains innovative and generic products with marketing authorisation that meet the creation criteria.

Parallel import and parallel distribution products are usually interchangeable regardless of their pharmaceutical form or ATC class. All products with marketing authorisation and all package sizes are not available. The list is updated quarterly and published on Fimea’s website no less than 45 calendar days before the list becomes effective, both as a product-level list (in PDF format) and a package-level list that can be downloaded into a database (in ASCII format).

The downloadable file will be updated after publication of the list on the basis of corrections or supplementary information received from the marketing authorisation holders, and re-published 38 calendar days before the new list becomes effective.

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