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Shortages background

Information submitted by pharmaceutical companies on shortages and their duration is published in the shortage search two weeks before the start of the shortage. For more information on shortages, contact the pharmaceutical company with the contact details included in the notifications (under Additional information).    

Pharmaceutical companies are responsible for keeping medicines on the market, submitting shortage notifications and updating the information in these notifications. 

Information about shortages to citizens


Updated Product name Strength Pharmaceutical form Package size ATC classification Active substances Marketing authorisation holder Shortage begins Shortage ends More information Date of the notification First notification vnr Type Mandatory storaged medicinal product

Order shortages

Saatavuushäiriö rinnakkaisjakelo

Why “parallel distribution” is given as an information of availability?

Parallel distributed medicinal product is a medicinal product which has a marketing authorization from European Medicines Agency, and it is distributed to Finland by a distributor other than the distributor of the original marketing authorization holder. Fimea does not receive information about shortages from these distributors based on the Medicines Act (395/1987), section 27, unless parallel distributor sends this shortage information voluntarily. For this reason, any information about the availability is uncertain.

Saatavuushäiriö epävarma

What does suspected shortage mean?

Fimea registers as a suspected shortage a situation where it has come to its knowledge for a marketed medicinal product that it is not available as needed by the pharmacies or wholesalers in the Finnish markets. Then the Marketing Authorisation Holder also had not notified the shortage to Fimea. Suspected shortage notification will be updated with current information from the notification of the Marketing Authorisation Holder when the notification is received from it. The starting date will be the reporting date of the missing data to Fimea. The ending date is not known, therefore ending date will be marked in Fimea to be as 31.12.2099.