Strategic framework

Strategic framework

Internal drivers of change

  • Information sharing
  • Open collaboration with stakeholders
  • Convergence of marketing authorisation and HTA operations
  • Digitalisation
  • Time- and location-independent work
  • Concentration on core competencies

External drivers of change

  • Regressing Europe, growing East Asia
  • Unpredictability and proneness to crises
  • Globalisation, centralisation, polarisation
  • Crime and risks within the pharmaceutical sector
  • Empowerment of citizens
  • Flood of information

Drivers of change within the state

  • The Health Care Reform
  • Blurring of organisational boundaries
  • Openness, transparency, ethical operations, responsibility
  • Savings
  • Shared support services
  • Ministry of Finance, the state parent company
  • Independence from time and location

Technological drivers of change

  • 24/7 online world
  • Expensive advanced therapies
  • Preventive and curative pharmacotherapies
  • ATMP products, implants, diagnostics
  • Automated distribution of medicines
  • Technology and cyber security audits