About us

About us

The Finnish Medicines Agency Fimea is the national competent authority for regulating pharmaceuticals. As a central administrative agency operating under the Ministry of Social Affairs and Health it promotes the health and safety of the population by regulating medicinal, medical devices, blood and tissue products, biobanks and by developing the pharmaceuticals sector.


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About Fimea

Fimea’s aim is to improve the pharmaceutical service for the population and the safety, appropriateness and economy of pharmacotherapy. Fimea also enchances and provides the general population and other interested parties with impartial information on medicinal products.

Fimea will work in a close cooperation with relevant parties and stakeholders in the pharmaceutical field. Fimea will also strengthen its collaboration with the European Medicines Agency (EMA) with regard to the regulatory processes of medicinal products in the EU, and will further expand its international cooperation.


Fimea’s organisation is structured around three core processes: enforcement and inspections in the pharmaceuticals sector, regulating medicinal products, and the evaluation of pharmacotherapies. The organisation is supported by a process of internal services.

Fimea's headquarters are in Kuopio. Fimea also has offices in Helsinki, Turku, Tampere and Oulu.

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