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null Medicines education learning materials are now available on the Safety in School Sports website

Medicines education learning materials are now available on the Safety in School Sports website


The medicines education materials compiled by the Finnish Medicines Agency Fimea have been updated and published on the Safety in School Sports website maintained by UKK Institute.

The goal of the cooperation is to raise awareness of the existence of high-quality medicines education material and make that material available to comprehensive school teachers. 

Health literacy is an important civic skill

The aim of medicines education is to teach children about the rational use of medicines and how to discuss medicines-related topics with a school health nurse or doctor and at pharmacies.

“Everyone has to use medicine at some stage of their life, and sometimes the use of medicines may even be vital. Being able to evaluate the reliability of information related to health and medicines is an important civic skill,” states Fimea’s Director General Eija Pelkonen.

New content concerning the significance of physical activity when treating illnesses and symptoms

The medicines education materials offer an extensive information package on medicines and their various uses, the correct use of medicines, and reliable sources of information on them.

The material also includes descriptions of the most typical children's illnesses, their symptoms, prevention and treatment. As a result of cooperation with UKK Institute, information on the significance of physical activity with regard to preventing and treating illnesses and symptoms has been added to the descriptions.

“Physical activity as a treatment is suitable for medicines education. The material also highlights other non-medicine alternatives, such as the importance of healthy food and rest, when treating symptoms,” says Tommi Vasankari, Director of the UKK Institute.

What does the medicines education material include?

The material is divided according to the national core curriculum objectives for grades 1–6 and for grades 7–9 (OPS 2016). The material contains ready-to-use lesson plans for teachers. Most of the assignments can be completed by the pupils themselves on any device with an internet connection. The materials are available in Finnish, Swedish and, to a certain extent, in English.

The material also includes the TroppiOppi game for pupils in Finnish and Swedish, which is available on the Fimea website. The game can be used to practise treating mild symptoms typically seen in children without medication and using over-the-counter medicines.

Find out more about the medicines education learning materials

UKK Institute’s Safety in School Sports website at: Medicines education collaboration

On the Fimea website: Collaboration on medicines education 

For more information, please contact:

Eija Pelkonen, Director General, National Medicines Agency Fimea (Cooperation and agreement)
Tel. +358 (0)29 522 3100
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Tommi Vasankari, Director, UKK Institute (Cooperation and agreement)
Tel. +358 (0)40 505 9157
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Päivi Kiviranta, Development Coordinator, Fimea (Medicines education content)
Tel. +358 (0)29 522 3522
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Raija Oksanen, Communications Specialist (Safety in School Sports website), available 27–28 January 2022 and from 7 February 2022 onward, UKK Institute
Tel. +358 (0)29 364 5875
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