Our goals

  • Fimea’s operations promote the health and well-being of Finnish medicine users.
  • Fimea is a transparent, efficient, skilled and highly networked organisation acting as the central authority for  pharmaceutical matters in Finland.
  • Fimea exerts a strong influence on decisions concerning the pharmaceutical sector and promotes national goals via tight integration to European networks in the pharmaceutical sector.
  • In addition to safety of medicines, Fimea’s operations cover the provision of reliable and understandable information on medicines and pharmacotherapies. Furthermore, Fimea actively supports high-quality research and development of medicines and the pharmaceutical sector.
  • Fimea has satisfied customers and an ever-increasing customer base. Fimea is financially stable.
  • Fimea is a desired employer that attracts the most experienced and competent experts.
  • Fimea operates digitally and independently of time and location, with an organisational structure optimised so as to meet any  challenges.